Zjawisko ukrytej stacji

Zjawisko to może wystąpić jeżeli nie wszystkie stacje mają ze sobą łączność. Stacja jest ukryta jeżeli znajduje się w zasięgu stacji odbierającej dane, ale jest poza zasięgiem stacji nadawczej. Podczas tego zjawiska możemy wyróżnić zjawisko ukrytego odbiornika i nadajnika. Rozróżniamy te zjawiska gdy przesyłanie danych poprzedzone jest informacją sterującą. Zamiar nadawania realizowany jest przez wysyłanie ramki RTS (Request To Send), natomiast jeżeli adresat tej ramki może odebrać dane, sygnalizuje nadawcy za pomocą ramki CTS (Clear To Send). Kolizje wywołane tym zjawiskiem mogą spowodować ogólny spadek przepustowości sieci wskutek konieczności retransmisji.

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I rekcon you are quite dead on with that.
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14-12-2015 godzina 02:26:03
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Gość: David
12-12-2015 godzina 07:38:06
Hello Nick. Sabic is still looking like it is cguaht in a complex correction. I will not want to invest in this stock here. Go back to my prior update and wait for the levels suggested. Incase it goes up directly for some reason, well, you only lost an opportunity. Not real money!
Gość: Syam
12-10-2015 godzina 04:06:46
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Gość: Rhea
12-04-2015 godzina 01:57:18
Mr. Ramki. I\'ve two questions. How do you inrtepret a freak price movement and count it as part of a wave. For eg. Ashok Leyland stock has some couple of freak price movements in it. And I find that these freak price actions occurring more in the mid-cap stocks.Secondly, Mark Galashewski of Elliott Wave Analysis Asia Pacific forecast had in his Asia Pacific Financial forecast (forwarded by Rohit Srivastava of Sharekhan who runs another website on markets using Elliott Wave theory called INDIACHARTS) letter stated that the fall in Nifty from 6338.50 is a 3 wave (A-B-C) down move. Just by using the 62% retracement calculation of the 5 wave move from 4675.40 low on Feb08,2010 to the 6338.50 peak on Nov08,2010 gives us 5307.70, which is where Nifty has closed (5310) on a weekly basis Feb11,2011 though it did make a low of 5177.70 on the same day. Does this mean that the markets have bottomed out and are on their way up into a wave 3 of some kind from here on, which might lead to an extension in the 5th wave.
Gość: Nour
12-03-2015 godzina 21:43:57
Greetings Mr. Ramakrishnan,I appreciate and rscpeet your insights to wave theory. I enjoyed reading your book (5-waves ) and learned a great deal, even after several years of study of wave theory. One point troubles me about the recent wave count describing an expanding flat. My understanding is that wave-A in a flat, regular or irregular, always has three subwaves, not five. That is, a flat is always 3-3-5. Yet the count in wave-A appears to fit a 5-wave impulse. Can you please comment on that? Much thanks.Sargon Zia
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