Protokół CSMA/CA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance)

Stacja nadawcza po skompletowaniu ramki sprawdza stan łącza. Jeśli jest ono wolne rozpoczyna nadawanie, a jeśli zajęte transmisja jest wstrzymywana do czasu zwolnienia łącza. Protokół ten wykorzystuje potwierdzanie odbioru do wykrywania kolizji. Wykorzystywany jest w niektórych bezprzewodowych sieciach LAN oraz w sieci Packet Radio.

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Gość: Anastasia
12-12-2015 godzina 07:40:07
I have service with SCE & their smart meter is alreday in place. What is usually involved after I send the registered letter to their officials?Also, Would there be any usual time frame from the time the letter is sent to the time that the device is removed?Regards,Jim.
Gość: Srinath
12-10-2015 godzina 04:08:49
Hi Kathleen, Stop Smart Meters! does not have a facebook page buasece we oppose Facebook\'s privacy policies and we do not want to spend time on their site. As a grassroots movement, there are dozens of anti-smart meter pages on facebook. You are also free to start your own! This is not a typical top-down organization but a broad based grassroots decentralized movement. If you see something lacking, do it yourself!! http://uazauanefw.com [url=http://qjjjzmhn.com]qjjjzmhn[/url] [link=http://hocutneh.com]hocutneh[/link]
Gość: Shah
12-04-2015 godzina 01:58:28
via a note to my account that the phone rep. read (and a letetr was to be sent but nothing yet) something like the original agreement I agreed to access to their equipment and it is theirs and they have the right to up-grade,maintain, and access their equipment. The letetr I sent will not keep them from not installing.Are they bluffing has the No Consent worked for any body?How long will they keep coming back? I have asked for Corix to cancel the install but they say they will come back each month the cancel is only good for weeks. not for good. They have millions to install still in the first wave. Have they come back?
Gość: Nick
12-03-2015 godzina 22:43:13
I rolled my own A* sluitoon a couple of years ago but yesterday I purchased your implementation in anticipation of the local avoidance functionality; it\'s important to support our fellow developers. Btw, good job on the A* pathfinding!
Gość: Jarek
05-09-2008 godzina 14:30:33
W tytule podrozdziału jest literówka: powinno być: Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance.

PS. Jest to mechanizm wykożytywany w seciach 802.11
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