Szyfrowanie WEP

Szyfrowanie WEP (ang. Wired Equivalent Privacy) jest następnym zabezpieczeniem, które zostało wprowadzone do sieci bezprzewodowych. WEP jest to pierwsze zabezpieczenie, które dość dobrze chroni nas przed włamaniami.

W porównaniu do wcześniejszych zabezpieczeń można powiedzieć, że WEP jest rewolucją w zabezpieczeniach. WEP jest szyfrem, który jest najczęściej stosowany do dziś. To zabezpieczenie jest dostępne, w każdym AP, lecz powoduje obniżenie wydajności takiego połączenia. WEP w dzisiejszych czasach jest standardem i radzi sobie całkiem nieźle. Protokół WEP odziała na zasadzie współdzielonego klucza szyfrującego o długości 40 lub 104 bitów oraz 24-bitowym wektorze inicjującym IV (ang. Initialization Vector). Często mówi się o nich, że są to klucze 64 i 128 bitowe ale takie stwierdzenie jest niepoprawne technicznie. Choć to zabezpieczenie jest często stosowane to jednak nie jest idealnym ze względu na słabość wektora inicjującego oraz klucza. Dziś już powstały narzędzia , które w łatwy i szybki sposób mogą złamać taki klucz. Więc takie szyfrowanie również nie daje żadnej pewności przed hakerami. Jednak to zabezpieczenie powoduje iż wydłuża czas osoby, która chce się natychmiast dostać do sieci i odstrasza pewną grupę włamywaczy. WEP zabezpiecza sieć przed przypadkowym podsłuchaniem danych krążących w eterze czyli teoretycznie chroni naszą prywatność w sieci.

A oto słabe punkty protokołu WEP:

  • Statyczne klucze – klucze WEP są stosowane w kartach instalowanych w komputerach i punktach dostępu w tej samej bezprzewodowej sieci LAN i nie są zmieniane automatycznie zgodnie z wcześniej ustalonymi zasadami. Co gorsza, standard WEP nie dopracował się metody dystrybucji kluczy.
  • Gdy klucze zostaną skonfigurowane dla każdego użytkownika, bardzo trudno je zmienić. Administratorzy bardzo niechętnie modyfikują klucze WEP, ponieważ pociąga to za sobą konieczność dokonania zmian u końcowego użytkownika;
  • Słabe szyfrowanie – grupa robocza 802.11 ograniczyła długość klucza WEP do 40 bitów. Pozwala to na ograniczony poziom szyfrowania: zabezpieczenie można łatwo złamać. Haker używający statycznych narzędzi analizy może przechwycić klucz WEP z bezprzewodowej sieci LAN w czasie krótszym niż 24 godz., a przy użyciu 250 stacji – w 4 godz.

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Gość: Robert
14-12-2015 godzina 02:22:43
I feel, I am very fortunate to read and know true and real thghuot of Gopal ji for betterment of the Ghandruke/road construction subject. As so many important information and signs of solution which needs to be considered are seen in his article. I think, some of representative for road construction team is to convey these crucial views and thghuots of the Ghandrukes from Ghandruke.com (positive/negative/consideration/solution) to leading working committee of road construction team in Nepal/Ghandruk. Otherwise, we are only exchanging our views and thghuots but practically, may be not heard/noticed for further developing action by leading committee/representative of the road construction team.Gyan Gurung http://yeuhjaco.com [url=http://hfdyvizz.com]hfdyvizz[/url] [link=http://skhgfzf.com]skhgfzf[/link]
Gość: Yohana
14-12-2015 godzina 02:22:28
Dear Gopal,You have written an execllent piece of article pointing out pros and cons of constructing road access to Ghandruk. I hope everyone understands your constructive and logical comments and give their thoughts before we spend our time and effort raising funds for this major work which needs vast sum of money and is beyond our means. Also there is a need for a proper engineering guidance to construct road in this part of the country where landslide is unavoidable in the rainy season. Road construction under the guidance of few village elders is paving a way for destruction and disaster.As Gopal pointed out greater involvement of all Ghandrukes on this controversial and sensitive topic is required before we commit ourselves. Udai B Gurung MBE http://tdquyox.com [url=http://eezvhfab.com]eezvhfab[/url] [link=http://qrlyzle.com]qrlyzle[/link]
Gość: Open
12-12-2015 godzina 07:34:44
I went through the arctile and relays a logical and crucial information to every person getting involved in this massive project. It is very crucial to understand that just constructing the road and making the wheels roll somehow is not absolutely enough. Important thing is to forecast the future how it is going to impact the surrounding livelihood, nature, economy We also shouldn’t forget why Ghandruk is so well known not just in Nepal, but around the world. We have clearly seen Ghandruk has been one of the model village in Nepal being an example of developing village. Hope we understand the reason behind and along with the road construction it keeps our identity, dignity, development progressive without ruining it Appreciated your arctile kanchababa Intellectual debate in very important before initiating any projects
Gość: Sydney
12-12-2015 godzina 07:34:28
This article delfeitniy is an eye opener for all of us. The current ruthless excavation of our slopes and paddy fields are causing degradation of our hill environment. The cut- and throw approach to build this road might cause huge mass waste and landslides. Gopal is right to warn that the haphazard construction of this road on geologically unstable slopes might result in massive loss of Ghandruke lives and livelihood.Technically, how this road is being built is absolutely bizarre! We live in a modern world with cutting edge technology yet we are reluctant to believe the miracle the science and technology bring in our lives. The road has so far been built in an old fashioned way where the builder hires a bulldozer and the driver with the advice of village elder decides the route, shape, size and the gradient of the road.Driven by the urgent demand to build theroad, we have completely ignored the basic need for a proper design and engineering, let alone a feasibility study of other impacts that Gopal has shrewdly pointed out in his well written article.Well done, Bhai !
Gość: Sarah
12-10-2015 godzina 04:03:33
“On May 3, a bus fell off a cliff on the under-construction Sindhuli-Bardibas Highway, killing 16 peploe and injuring dozens. We thought that was it. But no. Hours later, another bus veered off a serpentine mountain road in Far-west’s Doti, again, killing 16 peploe and injuring dozens. In all, 32 peploe got killed in two days.”Such stories in recent news from Nepal are the pain of our craving for motor-able roads to our villages. Every year hundreds of Nepalis get killed in road accidents. The routine occurrences leave many children orphaned, many parents childless. Does any of us care other than those directly involved on such accidents?As recent patterns show, most of them happen in the country’s meandering hill or mountain highways, roads or dirt roads. According to Nepalnews.com, in 2010, nearly 1,800 peploe got killed in road accidents around the country. I am not surprised if more peploe were killed in road accidents than in bloody Maoist insurgency in Nepal.In a country, where 95 percent of vehicles are not road worthy, traffic rules are none existent, driving license are up for grab for couple of thousand rupees, we are putting our lives and others at huge risk. It’s a death trap! After all Ghandruk is better off without a bulldozed dirt road. Trekking is the most popular tourism activity in Nepal and Ghandruk is the beneficiary of such activity. Why this ROAD Rush? Thank you Arjun Soltee, I totally agree with you. http://vxrockxh.com [url=http://quuzvd.com]quuzvd[/url] [link=http://xaoxul.com]xaoxul[/link]
Gość: Kristi
12-10-2015 godzina 04:03:10
the article from mr gopal does make sense, give the pitcure of consequences we ghandruke not only from nepal but around globe gonna meet. my family members and direct relatives who are in nepal and abroad has never stepped back to donate or volunteer for benefit of the village. yes donation been collected but when the construction goes ahead and road reach our village what sort of changes it gonna bring? have we done assessment, because we are donating money to get the road built so we should be liable for the future of ecological and tourism consequences it gonna bring. yes, strong determination for road will come from our relatives who live in there, because life will be better if road reaches our village (assume for now)and they are the ones who hussle up and down the hill to the nearest road nayapul, and why we in here (u.k/u.s/h.k) exchanging opinions of good and bad of road project. but however does our relatives on other side know about these discussion? are there any ambassadors to tell them our concerns about the project? have they done any research of themselves? are there any alternatives? like cable cars. switzerland hav similar geographical features with alps but yes they are master of their own while we have to bring everything.but shouldn\'t it be raised amongst us? isn\'t it better if we come up with a sort of consortium between every ghandruke, government and banks. the consortium then runs the cable car company paying banks and if want full acquisition pays back government as well hence to be owned by all ghandrukes. i want it to write down in a bit detail but i am in afghan so sorry about that. and thanks for reading it.shree prasad gurung. http://wtooqdqqbcq.com [url=http://glossjyeqob.com]glossjyeqob[/url] [link=http://okvngpqo.com]okvngpqo[/link]
Gość: Jol
12-04-2015 godzina 01:54:45
Dear Krishnaji,Thank you very much for sending brief news about Ghandruk, it catienrly has given us pleasure to know what is going on in Ghandruk.I was born and bred in Ghandruk but due to global migration, currently living in the global village in the UK. As such I am always endeavoring to keep myself up to date with the news and views about Ghandruk. The step you have taken is good for those people living abroad. If you would kindly send us such brief notes at least every six months would be great?Thank you so much.Warmest regards
Gość: Sitegar
12-04-2015 godzina 01:54:02
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Gość: Syed
12-03-2015 godzina 20:20:09
Eva, there can be a few of metaphors redrngiag the Israeli/Palestinian issue, essentially the most apt is the one which posits there can be a good difference among the arsonist and the firefighter. Hopefully, that will make it easy for you to understand the situation. If not, I\'ll make it even clearer: the Israelis are the firefighters. n nSecond, there is much less and much less of an occupation. The PA essentially runs the West Bank (brutally, I may add you may want to glance into that) and Hamas runs Gaza entirely. So tell me, where are the Israeli\'s brutal and humiliating occupation? Any crimes committed against the occupied population are by the Palestinians themselves; if Israelis commit any, they are adjudicated by Israeli courts and the perpetrators are held responsible. n nResistance fighters? Hardly. They\'re thugs and terrorists pure and simple. The Arabs could have had their own state at any time since the Peel Commission again in the \'30s. Killing Jews is their raison d\' tre.
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