Historia sieci bezprzewodowych

Historia sieci bezprzewodowych tak naprawdę zaczyna się w roku 1820, kiedy to duński naukowiec Hans Oersted odkrył, że drut w którym płynie prąd wytwarza pole magnetyczne.

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Gość: andrej
22-04-2014 godzina 01:49:16
pierwsza sieć nazywała się ALOHANET, zapewne literówka autora, pozdrawiam ;)
Gość: Derje
12-03-2015 godzina 20:21:33
Rating Easy to set up, easy to use and works great! It has a very small footprint and makes wctihang Netflix and Amazon very easy. For Netflix you do need to set up your que in advance (no searching with Roku), but with Amazon you can search. I was especially happy when I found an iPhone app that allows me to use my iPhone as a remote! Shipping was quick. No problems!
Gość: Sonali
12-03-2015 godzina 21:52:54
That\'s a smart answer to a dilfciuft question.
Gość: Takashi
12-04-2015 godzina 01:54:02
the guy in blue told her it will stream moveis! Santa thought that meant Netflix .WRONG!!! So not being the Christmas Jerk I did a little research and readabout the Samsung\'s and LG\'s that supported Netflix.It seems the common complaint was the WiFi problems. After factoring the costs to exchange. I settled to purchase the ROKU thru Amazon because of the $30.00 credit towards Amazon on Demand .I totally agree with all that has been written before me.Easiest WiFi setup in the world!!! I\'m using a D-Link Extreme N router.The box is so small it is well hidden out of view.(Don\'t lose the the tinyremote) Speaking of small, you can move it room to room, TV to TV.The picture quality is better that streaming from my Laptop to the TV.So, If you you are on the fence and can\'t decide between Roku or Samsung or LG? Go with the ROKU!! You will not reget it.Netflix and Amazon on Demand need to expand their offerings! PLEASE!
Gość: Hajar
12-04-2015 godzina 01:57:35
that it won\'t talk through LinkSys hraawdre sorry, not true.VERY happy with this device. Embarrassingly close to euphoric, in fact, simply because of it\'s configuration and connectivity capabilities alone! The fact that it connected so quickly and so incredibly on my network is reason enough for me to own this thing. Let alone how cool it is to actually use, watch and enjoy, the very reason you get one in the first place!However, I simply must also add these additional review details:The box itself is very small, the size of a small jewelry box, and blended right in with my home theater system. It\'s even pleasing to the eye to some degree, not the typical mess of cables you\'d expect. It takes up virtually no shelf space and only has two cables connected to it if you\'re using wireless and HDMI: the HDMI cable itself and the power cord. That\'s it. The remote control itself is VERY small, be careful, it will slip down between couch cusions VERY easily. But it\'s very nice looking and very stupid-simple to operate, having only a few buttons for menu and playback control. The simplicity of the thing is so beautiful compared to the typical slap a million buttons on it for cool factor we\'re inundated with these days that I\'m darned close to taking the thing out to dinner and a movie.The device is extremely simple to use, no tech savvy-ness required. You will absolutely LOVE the simplicity of it. It is so amazingly simple that I\'m going to risk sounding like an idiot by calling it an engineering masterpiece. And trust me when I say that I know technology. As much as I like to go full-blown geek on most things, this device is so refreshingly simple that I\'m surprised at such a device can be so simple. I\'m also surprised at myself for being so thrilled with it.The included directions that come with it are incredibly simple. However, the device is so simple to hook up and use, I\'d offer that the included quick-start instructions aren\'t even necessary.My Roku is hooked up to a 52 Samsung HDTV at 1080p. The picture quality of the streamed content over the Roku is very impressive for a 720P device streaming compressed internet media content. Please understand that compression is required for internet streaming, and that you will notice some fuzz in the picture, especially if you have a big HDTV. That\'s the nature of internt streaming, and is not because of any shortcoming of the Roku product itself.Even though the Roku has true HD mode, do not expect crystal clear HD content remember, this device hooks up to ANY TV, not just HD. Imagine slightly better quality regualr TV on a giant screen. That\'s how it is watching a Roku on an HDTV, especially a big one, even with the Roku\'s HD display feature enabled. The menus are crystal clear in HD the actual streaming media content you\'ll be watching will not be, it\'s like watching slightly enhanced regualr TV, at least on large TVs. On smaller TVs, 32 and smaller, it will look fantastic.And the question many of you are wodnering: What if you will be using the Roku simultaneously with other computes or devices in your home on the same internet conenction? Simple: use common sense. You\'ll have no problems if all you\'re doing is email and web browsing while watching thigns on the Roku box. Online gaming and downloading giant files, however, might cause the Roku to kick picture quality down or pause for buffering or even stop it dead in its tracks altogether. I have had no problems whatsoever so far, but I make sure to keep computer use to light duty while watching content over the Roku. Use a little common sense and you\'ll have no problems. Surprisingly, it does a lot better than I thought it would.Critical: for wireless use, the Roku needs to be at Wireless-G or higher. If you have a PDA or older laptop that only does Wireless-A or B, and your internet router is in mixed mode (allows A, B, G and N), most wireless routers/access points will kick down in speed to match the slowest device talking to it. This will basically stop the Roku dead in its tracks by pretty much dropping it\'s access to the itnernet down to virtually nothing. Don\'t use old slow wireless-A/B products if you\'re using your Roku wirelessly.The most economical entertainment under the sun: NetFlix is only $10 a month, but you must understand that the Roku will only play the movies that NetFlix has made available in their watch now category, and that category really isn\'t all that impressive. Most NetFlix titles are still DVD-by-mail-only, so their entire catolog is not available to the Roku player. However, Amazon\'s On-Demand service, though it is pay-per-view and much more expensive at 1-3$ per movie viewing, has over 45,000 titles you can watch immediately on the Roku. Either way you go, this is an incredible entertainment system. As for me personally, we\'re subscribed to NetFlix and watch the occasional Amazon On-Demand title when a new release comes out we want to see. All total, we\'re probably spending no more than $20 a month to watch what we want to watch and when we want to watch it. This is at about 25-30% of a normal cable bill, and all while providing convenience, content and flexibility that cable or satellite can\'t even (currently) dream of. You just can\'t beat it.This is how all cable and satellite service content will eventually be delivered. Until then, you get it all right now with the Roku.And if you don\'t have Wireless-N in your home yet, and you\'re thinking about saving $10 and getting the lesser model, just get this one you\'re going to soon have Wireless-N in your home anyway, so get it right the first time. Otherwise you\'ll just end up buying this model later anyway.Also, this Roku box, when first plugged in, will download an update and then reboot itself. Afterwards, you will see the main menu for the first time and be pleasantly surprised to find that not only are NetFlix and Amazon On-Demand available to the Roku, but also several other music and video streaming services, such as Pandora, a NBL (baseball) streaming service, and several other trial services.All surprises with this box were pleasant, no bad experiences, failures or complaints whatsoever.I want to finish this review with the following statement: This by far dead serious the best $130 I have ever spent in my life. Bang for buck, I have never seen anything provide such incredible high-quality entertainment in such a well-engineered way in such an attractive, small, easy-to-use package. If you ever wanted to see magic in a little box, thsi is the product. Not often you get to see cool things like this come along, but here\'s a real winner of an example. Roku is misnamed. It should be Kudos .
Gość: Joao
12-10-2015 godzina 04:03:23
Rating I am really eojiynng my new Roku XR. The setup was extremely easy and intuitive. I am running the ROKU XR wirelessly off of an N-Router (Trendnet 633) located on the other side of the house. I am getting 4 dots and HD (best quality) with no interuptions in play.My only complaint is that I have to go to Netflix and enter movies I want to watch on the Netflix Instant Queue before the Roku XR will play the movie. So basically, I have to go to my computer, find my TV shows or movies, enter them into the Instant Queue on the computer then goto the ROKU and my selections will be available to watch. I really wish I could scan for movies and shows thru the ROKU. Other than that, the setup and playback quality is excellent using HDMI. Recommended UPDATE 6/10/10 : ROKU and Netflix have fixed the annoying need to select your movies on your computer and then go to the ROKU to see your queue. Now you can search for movies on Netflix from inside the ROKU. BRAVO!!! http://dtkhwi.com [url=http://aegwnzu.com]aegwnzu[/url] [link=http://supewnsgg.com]supewnsgg[/link]
Gość: Anne
12-10-2015 godzina 04:06:50
Rating I originally was not going to own one of these, beuacse I have an xbox 360 and I figured that it did the exact same thing. This was given to me as a gift by a friend, and I am so impressed that I am considering a second unit for another room. The box is very small, takes up very little room and is very easy to move around. Unlike the Xbox, I noticed this does not stop and buffer constantly. The picture quality is much better than the streaming to the xbox, and I have yet to have any problem with this. I find that my kids fight over who gets to watch something. The only downside that I see to this box is that the remote is small and easy to lose. Although it is not one of the thin remotes, so that helps. I definitely recommend this box, whether you just need an additional, or whether you are looking for a first time streaming box. It is fantastic! http://dxldvgfqb.com [url=http://mbazke.com]mbazke[/url] [link=http://mjqndh.com]mjqndh[/link]
Gość: Subin
14-12-2015 godzina 02:22:33
This is a very sad day for the geniune vwriees worldwide of mummybox. Now, i thought that mummybox is a private channel app that was not in control of roku app services hence, there should not be any legal right for roku ( or come to that) and other companies to as they put it pull the plug on mummybox due to licencing regs. Sorry but the owners of the app mummybox should take up this issue with roku ( especially if mummybox owners have licenced permissions to broadcast the channels it streams). This is like the torrent websites, big brother attitude over the small guys but they haven\'t the guts to try it on with the guys just as big as them. Mummybox, if you can, link up with a third party as an app attachment. Roku can not stop you from doing this. Think of it this way, the yanks have tried to stop the pirate bay from torrent sharing but everything they have on pirate bay you can get on at least 100 other torrent websites, they try but they will never be able to stop it.WORD TO THE WISE TO THE LEGAL EAGLES, THE MORE YOU PRESSURE, THE MORE PAIN YOU WILL GAIN, NOT US. http://fonvqiblc.com [url=http://wpxexkaun.com]wpxexkaun[/url] [link=http://bmvyjldm.com]bmvyjldm[/link]
Gość: Sourabh
14-12-2015 godzina 02:26:19
I love Roku and the whole Roku experience. It alloewd me to cut the cable and save a good bit of money each month. It gives me plenty of programming, most of it free. It\'s also adding new channels all the time, about 360 or so at the moment.I current own the previous Roku XD 2050x and love it. It\'s not a perfect product, but it\'s a darn good one.This review is on my current purchase, the Roku 2 XD. It\'s not a perfect product either and it\'s just been released. It\'s also not quite ready for prime-time, but almost There are some differences between the XD and the Roku 2 XD. Most are good, but I do have two gripes. The original XD had both a wired connection and wireless available. I use wireless, but wired can be handy. When I first received my original XD, it wouldn\'t properly connect with my router. So, I hooked it up with an ethernet cable, which alloewd it to receive a quick update. This update fixed the problem and I haven\'t had any problems since. The wireless worked great.Now, the new Roku 2 XD only has a wireless connection. If you want a Roku 2 with an available wired connection, then you have to spend 100.00 to go up to the XS. I think this was a bad move on Roku\'s part. I have no desire to play games on my Roku and I especially don\'t like Angry Birds which is the main selling point of the XS.My other gripe is that the new Roku 2 XD no longer has the rewind/replay button. This neat little button will give you an instant replay of the past several seconds, allowing you to take a look at a movie scene you might have missed or a sports call you might want to replay.The original Roku XD had this button, but the new Roku 2 XD doesn\'t have it. Again, if you want this button, then you have to move up to the higher priced XS. Again, another bad call on the part of Roku in my opinion.As I mentioned previously, I think they might have rushed this product to market a bit too quickly. The main reason is that there are a few common channels (and popular private channels) that won\'t run on the new XD, while they run fine on the previous generation. Roku is working on the problem and releasing updates, but still, this shouldn\'t have happened on the scale that it did. For example, currently, Food Network Nighttime won\'t play at all and all of the NASA programming will actually crash the Roku and cause it to reboot. When the Roku 2 was first released the problems were worse, but the company has been working to correct it. However, with so many glitches at release, they really should have waited to refine the software before releasing it to the public.Now, I\'ll move on to a quick list of Pros and Cons for the Roku 2 XDPros: 1. Overall faster performance especially in menus 2. Wireless range and signal seems better than the previous models 3. Better looking menus and color schemes 4. Smaller Roku footprint.Cons: 1. No wired ethernet port on XD and HD, only on the XS 2. No rewind/recall button on remote of XD and HD, only on the XS 3. Seems to run a little warmer than previous models 4. Too much common content (and some private channels) won\'t work and can possibly crash/reboot the RokuOverall, it seems as if it\'ll be a great product, like the previous models, once they work out the glitches.I do wish they\'d have kept the wired ethernet port on the XD at least, as well as the rewind/recall button.If you have a previous generation Roku XD, stick with it for at least the next couple of months. Hopefully they\'ll have corrected the video/streaming problems that are plaguing it currently.Also, if you need a wired ethernet connection, then either stick with or track down a previous generation XD. Otherwise, if you\'re willing to spend the extra money on the XS, then do it. http://kofxhzlce.com [url=http://mazdttsmm.com]mazdttsmm[/url] [link=http://tgmjsktmqt.com]tgmjsktmqt[/link]