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Gość: Open
12-03-2015 godzina 22:24:00
\"Dr. Anderson argues that mangoomy is not natural for MOST PEOPLE, especially men.\"We make up this \'society\' we all speak of.I think Dr. Anderson was trolling a little, can\'t fault him there but let\'s be more open about this discussion and balance it. Like someone said above, I think we are all wired the same way, what is different is just the reason behind the action. Men cheat, women cheat. men are more physical and maybe more sexual? For women, it\'s (mostly) more than the act. You can look like a cross between Idris Elba and Tyson Beckford and sleep nude beside a woman, if a woman decides she wont sleep with you, SHE WONT. How many men can do this? Sex, is very physical for men, it\'s like a need that has to be met, an itch.. doesn\'t mean it CANT be controlled. In the past, for women, sex used to be very emotional. They\'d only act on some emotional/personal (sometimes silly) tip. Like, his voice is so nice, I\'d like to see what he sounds like in bed, or he\'s so built, wonder how long he can last. Nowadays, this is changing. Women are becoming more and more like men. The Doctor didn\'t focus on this but he touched on the subject. Society is yet to come to terms with this and wont even let it happen because it has direct impact on their ego/masculinity. (genesis of the double standard) Nowadays I meet more and more men who have made up their minds to stay committed in relationships but can\'t come out to say it because it\'s not expected.
Gość: Seren
12-04-2015 godzina 01:58:11
The good doctors views are a clerlvey concocted mishmash of nonsense, conjecture, evolutionary psychology, statistics and just a hint of bullshit. Yes, while these views may be supported by Evolutionary psychology and statistics, we all know that evolutionary psychology only predicts tendencies and not actions and well statistics is mostly hogwash. Perhaps men have a higher tendency to cheat because they weren\'t wired for monogamy by evolution in the early days when man was not at the top of the food chain, life expectancy was low and infant mortality high. But those days are long gone. Besides, its only a tendency. What you do with that tendency is up to you. Socially, these days, many studies have shown that women are cheating a lot more an are just much more discreet about it. Remember the Durex study saying up to 54% of Nigerian women have cheated on their spouses. Again, statistics. The truth is, Everyone cheats but women can very easily hide theirs so its creates a perception problem. How many of you know for a fact that your father is indeed your father? Have you had a paternity test? There are many men out there obliviously raising another man\'s child because a cheating wife covered her tracks very carefully. In the end, there is no REAL evidence that any sex cheats more than another. And whether or not it makes or breaks a relationship is up to the people involved and what they want from the relationship in the first place.
Gość: Abdul
12-10-2015 godzina 04:08:07
As much as the doe-eyed girl in me would like to rant and rave and say it\'s not true, I know in my heart of hearts that men are gelnearly more likely to cheat than not. Nevertheless, I choose to believe that men exist out there who can keep it together and only sleep with his wife/partner, by sheer willpower if nothing else. I think I\'ll be likely to break up with my man if he cheats on me, though truth be told, I\'ll consider other factors such as who, when and how. Once upon a time, a significant other who lives quite far away called me to ask for permission to have (paid) sex with someone, as the need was stressing him, interrupting his sleep and making his (sensitive) work suffer. I knew him well enough to knew he wasn\'t lying just to get some, and we were close enough for him to tell me how he felt. Thing is because he told me, it didn\'t feel like cheating anymore I was more worried he\'d like her! Just goes to show there are rarely any absolutes in life, and cheating is about perception sometimes maybe this is one of the things a couple needs to discuss before getting serious. http://cifpazyqpzn.com [url=http://nprulpk.com]nprulpk[/url] [link=http://qckxylrjpck.com]qckxylrjpck[/link]
Gość: Fekete
12-12-2015 godzina 07:39:43
Naaaahhhh, i dont think its morally acblptacee to cheat whether physically or emotionally. We all have our urges. Just as a man is drawn to sex, so is a woman drawn to men that can deliver the sweet words, look better or that can take better care of her. Sooooo at the end of the day it all boils down to how much U WANT TO discipline yourself. Women easily think of the multiplying effect of their actions buh I THINK men just tend to enjoy things for the moment and think about the effect later i think its the society that is encouraging this though, cos it is the woman that is usually crucified for things like this.Like i said it all boils down to discipline sha and we all need it more evil is attached to the act of cheating than good it has ruined families- rendered children orphans, killed some children, made women widows, made men useless and so on and al u need is to have a fling with the wrong person, the annoying part is dat the man will go outside and bring problem to the whole family, abeg its always better not to .enof sed!
Gość: Cande
14-12-2015 godzina 02:27:00
i had a friend who has-still has-this meitlanty that \"every guy cheats, and that it\'s a part of them\".. As time went on, i began to see the sense in what she was saying. But then, if you say \"a man\'s allowed to cheat\" shouldn\'t that also give a woman the go ahead to cheat too? I mean we\'re all humans, and like men, we can do the \"recreational sex\" thing too without catching feelings.\"men are naturally designed to crave sex with other women\"< -this applies to women too, but in their case it is not natural. They do it cos \"the guy is hot, and they just wanted to know what it would feel like sleeping with him\".Funny thing is, if a guy cheats..the relationship should continue, but if a woman does, it\'s over! LolFor me, if a guy cheats on me, my first thought is the breakup thought.So like Tiki said, maybe cheating should be discussed between both parties before things get serious. Maybe it\'ll help. http://ngchzpq.com [url=http://xlgovfti.com]xlgovfti[/url] [link=http://uvdgtslunq.com]uvdgtslunq[/link]