Power over Ethernet

W dzisiejszym artykule przyjrzymy się jednej z ciekawszych technologii sieciowych, która pozwoliła w znacznym stopniu ograniczyć ilości wykorzystywanego kabla dzięki wykorzystaniu łącza Ethernet.

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Get a cable or DSL router and ceonnct them to your pc and Xbox360. That way both devices will be able to share your Internet ceonnction. Failing that, ceonnct a switch (or a hub if your desperate) to the ethernet port on your modem. A router is the best way to go if you have the money as it allows you to control the network and the Internet ceonnction from one device. Just go with what your wallet allows, both will be adequate.Chris
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14-12-2015 godzina 02:28:06
Personally I use a router and it works fine. Just be carfuel about your connection. Some ISPs limit the amount of bandwidth you can use and might charge if you use too much. Now if they go by you only get a certain amount or don\'t charge by the amount you use you will be fine. If they charge by the amount you use then you may need to find out a way to keep track of the amount you are using. http://kfmvnwf.com [url=http://vfsaoyrr.com]vfsaoyrr[/url] [link=http://tfwlbugscj.com]tfwlbugscj[/link]
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